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ply-woodis a produced from a thin layer of wood veneer or layers, which with wood grain adjacent to it to 90 degrees to each other has been adhesion. In fact, made of wood, a family of wood engineering manufacturing panels includes the average density of fibres (MDF) and particle board (chipboard). Wikipedia



Poly wood, pvc, plywood, New Wood


Poly wood, pvc, plywood, New Wood

Resistance to impact

Poly wood, pvc, plywood, New Wood


Poly wood, pvc, plywood, New Wood

Fire resistant

Poly wood, pvc, plywood, New Wood

Sound insulation

Poly wood, pvc, plywood, New Wood

After years of researching the technology of the advanced world today, this is what really matters the greatest concern of building users and consumers by presenting a product called Newwood, which makes it possible to build all the components needed after the construction phase of the building, such as Interior door water-proof door Wall covering, ceiling, parquet flooring, Kitchen cabinet , Fences and … which are very similar to natural wood and are 100% waterproof, sunscreen, anti-chemical and ultra-resistant, and also in terms of the price of natural timber products are cheaper and more competitive with wood-like products. Available in the market, such as MDF, etc., which are not resistant to water and sunshine after the countries of the United States, Canada and China to Iran and the Middle East market.

پلی وود , پلای وود , plywood , نیو وود
Poly wood, pvc, plywood, New Wood

Polywoodis made from a mixture of P.V.C materials and several types of resistance chemicals and wood pulp. After mixing and baking, passing through the extruder and molds, this product will be available in various shapes and then will be available in laminate, lactic, or hattism or color in the stage of completion. It’s worth noting that this technology is completely new in Iran and the Middle East.

A variety of ply-wood wood

Most of the ply-wood products which is imported from Iran in the Russian and Chinese market, malaysia, indonesia, chile, etc. . In iran, plywood which is made of wood in appearance is like the important thing is that plywood made of wood with plywood boxes, The difference can be built from wood, but made of wood From the composition of substances such as natural wood fibers, plastics of heat and special kind of flour are made.

ply-wood Properties

Poly Wood is due to the characteristics and features that are in the application field very wide and varied due to poly wood is very diversified products can produce. Products of this compound use in various parts such as automobile construction (decorative fittings inside), etc… .

Made of wood?

In reference to the meaning of the words poly Wood Lumber should give this matter pointed out that the so-called wooden کامپوزیتهای-plastic (wood plastic Compounds) for the compound said (in any form) and plastic trmost or thermo. In fact, the product of the combination of heat wood that is to be made of wood (poly wood).

برای دریافت مشاوره رایگان با کارشناسان ما تماس بگیرید.

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۳d software

Possibility of doors easy design, slabs and frame with custom designs and colors
Select a color code and no line in the CNC system
Avoid buzzing work again spending money
حذف نگرانی های درب و طرح آن برای مشتریان با ساخت ماکت آن در نرم افزار ۳D

Door Production Tracking System

Avoid getting the installed door instead of publishing the transferred project
Distribution of doors to save time in the project
Avoid buzzing work again spending money
Create the possibility to track the door steps of manufacturing, installation, operation and warranty

Internet request

Enhance speed and accuracy in order of operation
Get the bill in the shortest time
Reduction in unnecessary calls with the company
Possibility of issuing follow-up orders in each post (financial Clearance)